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Explore two great UNESCO world heritage sites.

One is one of the oldest man-made Historical Site in the World. A place of magic and mystery.

The other is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. With its stunning 1700's honey stoned buildings, Roman baths and tasty teas.

Length: Full day


Oxford highlights include the adventures of Alice in Wonderland, the Chronicles of Narnia and authentic film locations from the world of Harry Potter.

Come and enjoy the amazing picture book scenery of the real ye olde England. A rich and peaceful land full of sleepy villages and gorgeous rolling hills and the setting of many films of the silver screen.

The Oxford section of this tour can be combined with the Harry Potter Studio tour (reservations must be made 1 month in advance to avoid disappointment)

Length: Full day


The tour takes in Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace.

Explore Windsor Castle with me as we discover the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. The Queen's favourite home which she spends most of her year in. Highlights include the state appartments and St. Georges chapel where Harry and Megan were married.

Henry the 8th’s famous palace. Come and learn about the legendary monarch who wasn’t so merry to his 6 wives. I will take you in the Tudor kitchens and hear about Henry’s enormous appetite. Then enjoy the fabulous 17th-century gardens.

Length: Full day


Discover the world of the legendary playwright in Stratford-upon-Avon. This tour is coupled with a visit to Warwick Castle. A fun day for all the family.

Highlights of the Shakespeare tour include the house he was born in and Holy Trinity church where the bard and his family are buried.

Warwick Castle is fabulous example of a medieval castle. A visit to Warwick with me will leave you longing for a return to the mythical days of King Arthur, knights in shining armour and fire-breathing dragons. Or stand back in amazement at how life really was between the 11th and 15th centuries.

Length: Full day


Enjoy the Garden of England with optional fish and chips and locally brewed beer.


The highlights of the tour include Canterbury Cathedral, the spiritual and historical seat of the Church of England. Walk with me through the city as you enjoy stories from Chaucer's tales.


Dover Castle is the fantastic, Norman castle with views of the sea which include the underground WW2 army HQ and hospital. A cold war secret until recent years.

Length: Full day


Churchill's favourite home is located in Kent at Chartwell.

Chartwell gives you a real idea who Sir Winston was and what made him tick.  Let me take you on a journey through Britain’s greatest person of the 20th century with many an anecdote and laugh along the way.

Length: Full day

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