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I am a Londoner born and bred with over 20 years experience in the business as a qualified Blue Badge guide who started out working for the likes of the Big Bus Company, Handel House Museum and the Transport Museum as a guide.

I offer tours with a fantastic mix of my natural bubbling enthusiasm, extensive knowledge of all things London and the flexibility to cater to all your personal needs. I am a guide who remembers at all times that you are on holiday. If you want a guide that simply loves London and showing it off to people then I am your tour guide! I have a degree in History and Politics that centred on the last two hundred years so I can offer a real understanding of the names and places that make London such a special place.

I have also spent many years working with the disabled, students and children. I offer tours in all areas that cater to their needs and interests. I am a natural people person who offers a smile and a laugh at every possible and suitable opportunity.


  • BBTGs are qualified professionals, trained to entertain as well as inform.

  • They are trained in the Art of Guiding which includes group management and the selection of a relevant and modified commentary which is both enlightening and topical.

  • BBTGs are reliable and punctual, visible and audible.

  • The Blue Badge training course in London lasts 2 years and the students are examined before being awarded their Blue Badge.

  • They participate in annual CPD programmes, keeping their knowledge fresh and up-to- date.

  • Their language competence is examined by the Institute of Tourist Guiding ensuring professional proficiency.

  • BBTGs do not operate fixed itineraries or fixed commentaries - they are flexible and will tailor make the tour to suit the group/individual clients. They are therefore also able to deal with any unforeseen events such as road closures etc.

  • BBTGs are experienced with large groups, small groups, families, incentives, on coaches, in cars, in museums and galleries or on foot.

  • BBTGs are trained to fully grasp and understand the wider picture - and they know the practicalities of London.

  • BBTGs are the only external guides permitted to guide the major sites - eg Westminster Abbey, Tower of London and Windsor Castle.

  • With groups the fees work out to a few £ per person.

  • BBTGs are self employed professionals who can be hired on a daily basis for a fixed fee - so there are no hidden costs for the clients whoever they might be.

  • BBTGs carry full public liability insurance. They are fully accountable through the respective Code of Conducts of the various associations.

  • During the engagement, the BBTG is the professional face and representative of the agent/ client/tour operator who hired him/her. This carries enormous responsibility. It is precisely why many companies and clients choose BBTGs. They simply cannot risk engaging anyone else.

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